The most telling evidence of the game direction change not registering with users. This very subreddit STILL shows the game as an open world RPG when every CDPR source now shows it as an ACTION-ADVENTURE.

Mindlessly bashing the game like you do is not helping either, just like mindlessly accepting it's flaws. You have to be aware of the genre before you can even claim to know what it is. This is an open-world rpg by definition and criteria. The reason it still shows as that here is because most people here are aware the game is flawed and had a horrendous launch, but it's an open world rpg.

Does it have the same level of depth as promised? No. Which is why they instead opt to call it an action adventure title. Which does it have more in common with? I would personally say an open-world rpg. I'll explain why.

First we need to see the criteria for an open world

  1. Large open world
  2. Non-Linear approach in this world not much is off-limit.
  3. A real time world which could live on it's own.
  4. travel options by foot or car/bike/plane.

I would say that it does 1, 2 and 4 quite well; but heavily lacks 3 as most of the events in CP2077 are scripted, in contrast games like GTA and RDR have a more lively world. Still, It's quite a large world and the space outside the city is also quite huge.

For the next part the RPG, I would actually say CP2077 is more an RPG than a action adventure. The most important difference is the character building an RPG's most important attribute and what defines a RPG from other genre's is that you can assign skills and skill points to your character, which is why GTA is not considered a open world RPG, but a open world action adveture.

Here's the criteria for an RPG.

  1. Skills and Abilities(both passive and activated)
  2. Skill points and a leveling system
  3. Crafting system
  4. NPC dialog(not cutscenes) with additional choices of dialog.
  5. These dialog options could have alternative ending to qeusts.
  6. You must have multiple approaches to qeusts(stealth, action, hacking)
  7. There have to be faction and u can work with or against these factions
  8. The ending of the game can have multiple endings, but it's not required.
  9. Allegiance/Friendship meter and qeusts(for possible side-qeusts/romancing)

As you can see CP fits most of these very well and the importance of skills and a leveling system makes it so this game certainly is a RPG above all. Is it a good rpg? I would say it needs work, but it's definitely not a bad game.

I believe the reason they changed the genre is because the backlash was overwhelming them and changing the genre was a attempt to calm the playerbase. If you do not consider CP2077 an rpg, you should really research the genre's first because blindly believing everything you read.

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