A Most Unfortunate Face

Here's the link to A Most Unfortunate Face: https://www.dropbox.com/s/upmw9nl4udu7mhx/A%20Most%20Unfortunate%20Face.pdf?dl=0

And loglines for other available shorts:

THE DEAD NEED NATURE, TOO - Comedy - 6 pages - Unfulfilled by the zombie lifestyle, one of the walking dead spends a day at the park finding joy and meaning in nature.

A GOLDFISH CONTEMPLATES LIFE - Comedy - 5 pages - A sad goldfish dreams of escaping his fish bowl so he can stop erectile dysfunction, halt global warming, and meet Justin Bieber.

THE DIRTY HOE - Comedy - 5 pages - A man borrows a neighbor's garden hoe to work in his garden, but unfortunately the hoe has poor work ethic and loose morals.

THE PHANTOM HEARSE - Suspense/Horror - 10 pages - On Halloween night, a young boy is approached by a mysterious horse-drawn wagon driven by a sinister old man. Forty years later, the wagon emerges from the darkness and appears to him once again - but this time it's carrying a coffin.

THE ZOMBIE WHO LIKED FRED ASTAIRE - Comedy - 9 pages - A zombie desires to dance like his hero, Fred Astaire, but first he must find a willing teacher.

2015 - Horror - 8 pages - An old man finds a disturbing videotape which shows a secret meeting of mythical creatures -- a meeting which predicts the future of mankind.

MADAM LUCINDA - Comedy - 10 pages - Psychic Madam Lucinda's first-ever customer is an average young man who simply wants to meet a nice girl. But her predictions of werewolves, bondage and transgenderism quickly turn his life upside down.

THE SHOESHINE MINISTER - Drama/Faith - 10 pages - A sidewalk shoeshine man touches the life of a hopeless customer.

BEYOND THE GRID - Romantic Comedy - 13 pages - Andrew is a simple, dignified gentleman just looking for love. But when he arrives at Debi's home for their first date, he is unprepared for just how "off the grid" she lives.

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