Mostly posts by women here?

I'm a HLM in a relationship with a LLM. I was taken by surprise because in the beginning we were fucking like rabbits... think 3 times a day on some days. And now I find myself in a situation where once a week or even once every 2 weeks is touch and go (excuse the pun). And always initiated by me.

I'm not expecting 3 times a day or even once a day. It's not sustainable. But maybe at least twice a week? :/ Isn't that a reasonable amount for a couple who is not that old?

And the sex will sometimes be planned from his side which I find kind of a turn off. By planned I don't mean he initiates... I mean I will initiate and then he will ask if we can play that night or the following day instead. If I know it's on the agenda (as if it's a work task) then it strips the romance and excitement right out of sex.

I'm tired.

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