Mother before guests

Im not a Muslim, but I have a lot of Muslim friends in various countries. They all treat their women with respect, some even better than other belief.

While talking about Muslim, many tend to pick at the problems (maybe just to feel better about themselves). They picked an underdeveloped country or the radical groups. When talk about Indonesia they picked only one island that have radical belief rather than 90% the rest of the country. Picking a low number of samples and making assumptions is most of the time statistically incorrect. Sadly, people have psychologically inferior complexes, so many do it just to feel better of themselves

Yes, there are some cultures that use religion to their benefits, but aren't they all? Even some atheists used religion to spread their own belief that people without religion is better than having one.

In the end, what I see from ur post is incorrect assumption and a stereotype. So I assume too that you are not Muslim, religion or cultural expert. So, your credibility of this context is low. But I think this simple msg will not change ur hatred mind, so it's for more direct to open-minded individuals that passing by.

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