Mother breaks down on live feed because she can't pay for insulin for her son

This country is an absolute joke.

In regards to COVID we have the 7th highest number of cases per-capita, but the crazy part is that 5 of the 6 countries ahead of us have a population of less than 700,000 and 3 of those countries have a population of less than 80,000. That's nuts because every case in these low population countries seriously amplifies their per-capita numbers, meanwhile we have over 330M people.

I've been watching us climb that ladder and I believe by the end of it all we will be in the top 3 for worst response to COVID. Conservatives will say "BUT IT'S BECAUSE WE TEST MORE!", yet we aren't in the top 20 for tests per-capita.

Everything about this country is a fucking joke. Education, infrastructure and maintenance, healthcare, the fact we have the highest prison population (not even just per-capita, using raw numbers we're still the highest) - 0.7% of our entire population is behind bars! That's fucking MADNESS!

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