Mother completely invalidating when I (31/F) discuss not having children.

Heya! You've come to the right place. This subreddit is like a second home for me. I'm 28 Female so definitely at the age where I'm hearing all these comments. Though I'm single so thankfully they aren't too bad. I'm absolutely totally ChildFree. It's just not me. I want to travel and live alternatively, concentrating on art, music and hiking all over the world. I'm also very qualified to say that I don't want kids, as I work in a children's centre looking after 0-5 year olds and I know exactly what they're like: nope nope nope! Now all my female Facebook friends are either getting married or already married and onto breeding. To me, I'm finding it really depressing to see all these intelligent, interesting, adventurous women with good careers give it all up for some screaming bag of bodily fluids. Like I get that's what they want and I'm happy they've got it, but sweet shell of a turtle, I do NOT want kids.

But yeah; it's so hard. I'm not even "out of the closet" about being CF yet. I figure I'll wait until it comes up as an issue.

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