Motorcyclist gets knocked off bike by car door.

So you will tell me with a straight face that this guy intention was to undertake that car, at that speed, by passing as close as possible to the car and scrapping its mirror and that he didn't plan to use the bike lane?

I mean, it's illegal to enter the bike lane, so I'm guessing the rider has at least some internal reasoning to avoid entering the bike lane. But we'll never know because he got doored before he left the dashed line. I find it odd he would drive about halfway past a car without going in the bike lane, and suddenly decide to do so just because of a little mirror. They aren't that big.

You mean this gap where he is already in the bike lane ?

I mean, if you want to split hairs and say halfway off the line is considered in the bike lane, go for it. That'd probably be your best argument yet.

Apprently from what you're saying you're liable for nothing in UK because: Hey filtering.

Whatever dude.

The motorcyclist could have likely avoided this if he slowed down, so there's certainly some culpability in that. But legally speaking, yeah, doesn't look like he was doing anything illegal. Not sure if that means he legally isn't liable (I doubt it).

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