Motorist runs over biker at a traffic light

My heart goes out to this guy and his family/friends. I also praise the medical team that has kept him alive and taken care of him. May he make a speedy recovery. What’s spooky for me is exactly 8 years ago to the day I was hit just like this on my bike while waiting for a stop light. The person also left me for dead and fled the scene. I also fought for my life and thanks to my doctors, nurses, friends and family made a full recovery. The person thankfully turned themself in but then did their very best to avoid prosecution, which ultimately failed. Anyways, this isn’t about me and I really wish the best for this poor guy. He must be strong to have still survived that. Getting hit like that puts you in a place that you never knew existed, feeling pain you never knew was possible. The person who did this needs to come forward.

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