Mourning the spectacular disaster that was the Mike Boone Hype Train.

Couldn't be happier. I was up 10 with no players left and my opponent had Boone.

All day I tried to tell myself there was no way a third stringer was gonna do this to me. But MAN everybody and their mom thought he would have a great day. Saw he was active in 41% of championship games. at home against a terrible GB run defense. So I was nervous as hell all game, especially early on when he had that 5 yard gain in the red zone. But, slowly I noticed Ham and Abdullah getting the ball more. Ended up winning by about 6 pts.

Honestly love when these type of hype trains happen. My opponent left Cooper Kupp on his bench for Boone, which didn't look awful on Saturday especially with the Rams playing the 49ers. Kupp had 11 points though, which means I would have lost if not for everyone hyping the shit out of Boone and convincing my opponent to play him over Kupp.

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