Mouse & Keyboard on Console

You obviously seem biased to this whole situation so let me tell you my stance. To get some stuff out of the way, I have finished diamond twice, and since starting right before black ice, I have never finished below platinum. I am no slouch at the game. As a principle of mine, I am not a fan of any advantage you can get from an outside source just based of paying money, save for a headset because sound in any game without one is just not complete. MnK gives a pretty solid advantage once you reach a high skill level. At lower levels, no matter how good your aim is, if you don't have the brains to go with it you wont get anything done, save for maybe top fragging. In a 50/50 gunfight if I am up against someone with a MnK that 50/50 turns to their favor 60/40, maybe even 75/25 on a bad day. It's an advantage and just because it mimics controller input doesn't make it fair or okay. If you want to use MnK go play on PC.

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