Moved into my own place - nex has new secret supply

This hits close to home for me. Ten years together, four of them married with the last two separated and living apart - all of them shitty, I’m discovering. Divorce was finalized this past July but we were carrying on as usual until we had an argument mid-November and didn’t speak until a few days ago. Mine has a new supply (that she doesn’t know I know about - I just found out two nights ago) so now she’s got no time for me but she refused to say goodbye because “we do it all the time”. Yeah, we did - because I was weak. But not this time. I’ve finally realized that she’s doing me such a huge favor. I’m just hoping for the satisfaction of ghosting her if/ when she tires of the new supply but if I don’t get that then at least I got my freedom and sanity restored and that’s the most important victory anyway.

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