moved in with my boyfriend after 4 months of dating and I’m regretting it

4 months is alot of time to see if somone is compatable with you or not, and if

To be fair it sounds like you two arent compatable, as the first arguments are important indicator of how well the relationship will be, and if you give in and he gets defensive, that is not a smooth relationship, and likely wont work well in the long run.

Plus it sounds like both of you have things to work on, you need to learn to balance your people pleasing tendencies out and learn to not judge yourself so harshly, as you arent a bad person for taking a chance. And he needs to learn to work together more and consider more than just his own needs and wants. He also needs to fix his damaged ego and cope with whatever issues has him trying to guilt trip you for not conforming to him.

I say break up with him for both yours and hisown future benfit.

Also I had moved in with somone i hardly knew who seemed like red flag central, pushing for me to flirt online when I didnt have interets and paying for a plane ticket to move in with her. Having no self accountability and a narscsistic ego to boot, as well as being unavle to understand anything I said if it wasnt grammatically pefect to the dictionary menaing. It lasted three months and I left her after that, although she stopped taking birth conteol and didnt tell me and got pregnanat told me before I left to try to keep me, I then set up an abortion appointment and she didnt go becsue I wouldnt stay for emotional support and becsue no one called her and told her to go. She still is trying to get me involved in her life and seems obsessed with me, although becuse of her manipulation my first child will be a bastard daughter.

Things happen in life and its rarely ever "perfect" or goes by a rules or norms of expectetions, as those are just idealistic approaches.

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