Moving to Canada (GTA), need help with cost estimation.

Hi, I'm moving to the Greater Toronto Area or GTA (actually moving to Canada for the first time) in a few months time and need help in estimating the cost of living there on a monthly basis. I have created a monthly cost chart below, please let me know if this is accurate. All costs in CAD

Cost Description|Max|Avg|Min :--|:--
Rent|600|500|400 Utilities(gas,hydro,internet,laundry)|150|125|100 Food|500|450|400 Transport (public transport only)|300|250|200 Mobile Carrier fee|80|70|60 Savings|300|225|150 Misc (going out, unplanned expenses)|500|400|300


Have i missed out anything, or miscalculated anything? Please ignore one time expenses, I want to know just the recurring expenses.


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