Moving to Clinton, but will be working in Ann Arbor. Any advice?

If it snows much, all the surrounds of Ann Arbor get plowed, then Ann Arbor seems to wait for a thaw to get rid of the snow. This gives the earth-mother goddesses something to talk about: Wow! what a large snowfall, Ann Arbor still hasn't dug itself out yet...

If you drive to Ypsi(plowed) Dexter/Saline(plowed)

There is a way to both take a right at a light and then have the car crossed up so as to make each way impassable- only witnessed it in Ann Arbor.

Course there's always the putter-through the-light just so's the guy behind you gets to wait oops!

There are a lot of silly hillbilly faces around here but they have those hypenated names and more initials after them.. if you happen to get a job where you lord over something, you need to perch your glasses on the end of your nose, and close your eyes when making a point.

You'll fit right in!

People here opt to sit outdoors at the bohemian "cafes" in winter to eat and drink lattes, they are victimized over and again by waves of salty slush washed over them by passing vehicles, beats being inside by the gas fireplace!

There is much debate on the homeless problem, if you point out that the shelter address shows up on OTIS offender search and that 1/4 of the homeless are fresh out of the joint, along with the surrounding counties dumping homeless here, you just cornered yourself as a realist- and that's a no no around here. PC rules, snob appeal prevails. Glorified young people, NIMBY/ fake hippies/ learn which things are fashionable to hate, or you'll be shunned. Let's see, there are right-wing Catholic churches uptown,

the auto mechanics are from another planet and will really put the screws to you.

Michigan in general: The governor lives in Ann Arbor, he decided that pensions are actually a form of welfare and so can be nearly taken away.

Food stamps have been diminished from an average of $155 to $16 per person per month... unsurprisingly this is not an issue as it is not in the local right-wing newspapers.

Ann Arbor needs a newspaper and regular radio stations something fierce,but no one will say anything

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