Moving to CO Springs 1/1

Hey there!

Thanks for messaging me! I've shot a little bit (Sig P226 9mm, S&W MP22, and an AK), maybe 2-3 hundred rounds total. I'm really interested in learning, and decided the best way to start was to build an AR from the ground up. I figure if you know how its built, you can trouble shoot it, respect it, and clean it properly. I built the upper and I'm waiting on black Friday to buy and ship the lower to an FFL. Once I pick it up I can finish the build and I'm good to go.

I'm hoping to learn how to zero the sights ( I want to shoot without an optic first) and then go from there. I decided to go with a .223 wylde 16" stainless barrel and a midlength gas system. I figured that way I didn't have to deal with pinning a device and travel would be easy for the time being.

Any chance the range you are talking about is Whistling Pines? I shot them an email (no pun intended) while they were having a sale on membership 3 month pricing and they told me they would honor the price when I showed up in January. It's pretty tempting to have that option over shooting outdoors.

I really appreciate you reaching out to me. It's hard in Boston, there aren't many people who understand the utility of knowing how to shoot. The general reaction I get is people think I'm a little bit of a deviant. I lucked out because I'm a NH resident so I'm completing the build up in the state of, "Live free or die."

More than happy to pitch in for ammo, cleaner, or any additional expenses! Seems like a fair trade to me. I was thinking about picking up some snap caps in the mean time to work on trigger pull, and maybe paying for some range time with an instructor to learn how to zero the sights before I leave.

Thanks for the message! -Chris

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