Moving from central London to Cornwall, is the hostility towards outsiders true?

I moved down from Birmingham about 2 years ago. No one has been hostile, well, apart from the younger farmers near rural Bodmin where I once worked at a farmers pub, but that was more banter.

Lots of people down here are emmets.

I think you would only get hostility if you refuse to slip into the Cornish way of life, which is be as friendly as possible without overdoing it. Humbleness is a requirement.

What kind of work are you in and where are you thinking of moving to?

Good jobs are scarce. I came down here as a web developer, found myself working in food production hygiene for almost the whole time and now I'm getting back into construction. I don't mind that, though, because I've gone off coding and much prefer spending my time travelling to different places and doing different jobs. Choose the lifestyle and things will fall into place with a bit of work.

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