Moving to the Medford area, would love some local's opinions please!

  1. Traffic isn’t an issue, so you don’t need to be that close to work. East Medford has good neighborhoods. The foothills up near Roxy Ann are highly sought after. North and South Medford aren’t bad. People avoid West Medford, but it has decent pockets. Crime is petty crime. Car break ins, people stealing bikes and recyclables off your porch. And it happens all over town. Be vigilant. I don’t feel unsafe living in East Medford, but I lock my doors and don’t leave valuables in plain view. I moved from a large metropolitan area on the East Coast and I don’t think the crime is that bad here. It’s relative.

  2. They’re all good. There’s plenty to choose from. I really like Red Lily.

  3. If you likes Ales, check out Bricktowne. Portal is good too.

  4. The smoke is as bad as they say. But we had a great summer this year, so it can be unpredictable. You can get away without an air purifier unless you have family members with breathing/lung problems.

  5. Sno parks are really popular with families in winter. Union Creek has a great one with sledding hills. Families also like to do hikes that are accessible year round, such as Roxy Ann and the Table Rocks. There are lots of lakes and swimming holes to hit up in summer. Really, if you’re family likes to explore outdoors, you’re coming to the right place.

  6. Snow tires aren’t necessary unless you expect to be traveling over the passes, and even then you can just use chains. I’ve never once had to chain up in the 5 years that I’ve lived here. You should still keep a set in your trunk just in case. Snow is rare on the valley floor, but it rains most of the winter. Summer and most of fall are sunny, dry, and warm.

  7. Rental housing shortage is a real problem. If you’re needing to rent, get on a wait list ASAP. If you can buy, do.

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