Moving to Poland

Good summary. I'm very skeptical person, so I'll add some of my skeptical insight, just to give a wider context.

So, about a language differences. Our language is far beyond reach to many people. It is hard as balls. We have too many forms of verbs and nouns that confuse people who begin learning our language. But yes, you could go with "me drink" or "me poop", but if you'll be given an answer in our language that says some things very specifically, you'll be stunned. And what about our English Efficiency? Well, it's okay, mostly. But with younger people in particular. Older people were forced to learn German or Russian, so anyone who have more than 25~30 years on their milleage is less likely to speak English.

It's a hard life, indeed. People are not as good as they claim to be. Most of them are greedy, two-faced, try to get to your side just because you'll be their "rich foreigner". Especially girls. They can be loyal mostly for money. I'm not saying that every Polish girl is a whore, but you'll need to be lucky to found one good and fair polish girl. Especially you, "rich foreigner" guy. You'll be chick magnet here.

It is enjoyable living here? Not that much. Too much bureaucracy , too much work to your bone... Amount of work to be done here is three times higher than in similar position in any western country for three times less money. When you are getting out of your job you only want your dinner, sofa, beer and TV. Or reddit. You usually don't have the energy (mental and physical) to do any activities, such as exercising, strolling..

Buddies. Learn to drink. A lot. That's the most fun we get. Drinking at the parties, after parties, before parties. We can be sober for few days, even week. But at the friday we are just going at it.

IT. We always need IT specialist here. So that's the plus. But that depends on the branch. If you are specializing in some basic stuff you won't get good job.

It is hard place to live. Not impossible, but hard. You'll have to make some sacrifices to live your life at some decent level. Sometimes, you can work your ass off and can barely pay off your rent and media, because our minimal wage is god damn low. And taxes doesn't encourage the employers to raise your wage.

Most important - get used to live on a one month paycheck instead of weekly ones.

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