MPs condemn 'vile' abuse of Theresa May

In an article in the Sunday Times, a Tory backbencher was quoted as saying: "The moment is coming when the knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted. She'll be dead soon."

The PM was also told to "bring her own noose" to a meeting later this week.

One MP asked: "Have they learned nothing following the assassination of Jo Cox?"

Fucking morons. It wouldn't surprise me if they secretly smiled when Jo Cox got murdered...

The UK is a hugely divided nation when it comes to Brexit. It's basically a 50-50 split. People who use language like above, do not acknowledge that; they live by the 'winner takes all'-mentality and shit on everybody who doesn't think alike. Other opinions do not matter at all in their view. They do not acknowledge that there are other, dissenting opinions. Not just the Remainers, but many Brexiteers also favor a soft Brexit.

When Brexit becomes reality, the UK will have a huge challenge to keep it all together. Indecent, brainless idiots who utter words like the ones above don't care about any of that and they will never help to achieve Brits coming together.

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