Mr. Cards, getting used to their new job (Heart's Desire)

Even if there are some hard feelings after this, they won’t last long.

The Bishop is present in a Destiny where we conquer the Mountain in 1911, so his desire will be fulfilled regardless of the Marvellous.

The Manager’s wish as well, seeing that the Calendar Council is also directly involved in that expedition. (Besides, the lack of need to weaponize nightmares allows him to start a collection of inspiration instead of a collection of fear, which is a heartening improvement in itself.)

The Topsy King may get both his opera and his mind before we’ve even finished.

Virginia may have been safe from the Prince the whole time. And the railroad project does bring people together. (Though I hope she won’t bring all this goats in the Boardroom.)

Mr Pages will be free of the Bazaar eventually, sooner or later.

So Beechwood is the only one whose desire really depends on this final choice. I’d wish for everybody to get what they want, but since there is no such option, just one will do.

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