MRW I was catcalled and harassed today. Luckily for all involved my punches were only of the verbal kind.

Too angry to sleep tonight.

I was harassed by an absolute jerk today.

⚠ Warning: This is long. And it sucks, because he sucks. ⚠

I was walking after work to meet a friend and heard a man screaming near me. I didn't hear what he was saying because I was paying attention to my route and phone but I turned in his general direction to make sure he wasn't dying and screaming out last wishes or anything.

He then made a very direct comment about my appearance and then lewdly ordered me to, "... Say thank you and walk away."

His tone was the most disgusting part, to me. He spoke at me like he was scolding me for not immediately stripping and presenting myself in the middle of the street. It made my stomach turn.

I said nothing and did not acknowledge him.

I then crossed a busy road and made my way towards the meeting point where my friend was waiting. About two minutes into my walk, a truck manoeuvred towards me and slowed down next to me, beeping.

That guy again.

His truck roars as he accelerates and turns right directly ahead of me, into a gas station.

There is no crosswalk, no other way to go. I have to go straight ahead to reach my friend.

I do the sensible thing and take out my keys and get ready to possibly defend myself in broad daylight. Gas stations have cameras everywhere, and I know the layout of this one well.

Luckily, he wasn't waiting for me. I see his licence plate and take a mental note, and see that he went in to the gas station. Something snapped inside my head when I saw it was relatively busy.

So I stomped in and called his ass out.

I confronted that spineless prick and told him how I really, really feel. I told him that yelling sexual thoughts at a person and intimidating them with your truck is horrible and unacceptable. I told him that he must have LOST his damn mind to tell me how to react after being harassed. I cut off every time he tried to speak because I was sick of his damn voice, to be honest. I yelled at him until I couldn't anymore. Spun on my heel and started to walk away.

He went from smiling at the sight of me, because he couldn't wait to tell me even more thoughts about my appearance and how to feel, to shrinking into the counter and calling me an ugly bitch under his breath.

I simply said "You didn't think that five minutes ago did you?  It doesn't matter what you think anyways." and walked out; only pausing to give him one last "I REEEALLY WISH YOU WOULD, I HAVE KEYS ON A ROPE." level glare at the door while he sputtered out another elementary level pejorative about my being a woman with agency.

He made sure to peel out aggressively of the parking lot at the same time as I was heading to an adjacent crosswalk and beep loudly, with some gestures added.

After I loudly told him to go fuck himself, I apologized to the dude standing beside me-- in between me and the truck-- assuring him I wasn't yelling at him and quickly explained what the man had done and that I had confronted him so he was beeping again.

"Awwww, too bad. It sounds like he really liked you!"

Oh really? Fuck you too, dude.

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