MRW they closed the Best Buy in my town six months ago and fired all the employees, then closed down the Future Shop and fire all the employees this week, with plans to replace it with a Best Buy... that is now hiring.

I worked for Best Buy for awhile. 80-90% of the management in that company is shockingly bad-- I mean, we all like to make fun of management, joke about how they're evil and dumb -- but they are really like a bunch of caricatures from Dilbert or a comedy movie/cartoon.

There's a tremendous problem with that company's culture from the top down. I watched management throw things from staplers to chairs while screaming at employees, they told people "you're lucky to have a job in this economy" repeatedly whenever anyone asked for anything or to be treated more fairly, would lock employees into the store and tell them they can't leave until certain things are done, keep people in school (under 18) past the legal mandated latest time they can be kept on school nights .. I watched a supervisor pin someone against a wall and fart on them, complained to their manager, then that person's manager, then that person's manager, then HR, and nothing happened. The person was so intimidated by that supervisor I think they said it was fine out of fear of retaliation.

I reported more massive illegal activity which could have landed the company in multi-million dollar lawsuits, and that resulted in a corporate investigation which was so ridiculously ham-fisted ... they just came in and asked the people doing it to provide proof of what they were doing, which they obviously didn't, then nothing happened. I was awestruck.

They ordered us to wear company-provided shoes which were cheap, uncomfortable and bad for you -- you weren't allowed to wear your own shoes that were similar without a note from a doctor. They HAD to be the ones provided by the company, and they were ridiculously bad. I actually paid out of my pocket to see a doctor to get them to write me a note that I needed to wear shoes that weren't going to ruin my knee (I have a knee problem). It cost me over a hundred bucks just to get permission to not make my already hurt knee worse.

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