MRW I’m browsing r/popular and see people defending being attracted to adolescents

I found out last year my SO is attracted to 14-15 year old girls;He's almost 30. We've talked about it extensively, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't completely destroy my perception of him. He was frequenting a revenge porn site looking for nudes of teen girls, too. But he identifies as a feminist....yeah, OK. Anyways.

I have never been attracted to an underage boy, or had any interest in them in my life because I am not turned on by my own ego/idea of masculine power. The idea of defiling someone, taking their purity, and asserting my dominance over them does nothing for me. I think the problem is the gross mass fetishization of youth, purity, and the sexual power trip men get off on by preying on the underage and unsuspecting.

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