MRW my director tells me he found out I made several thousand less than the least-paid of my 4 (male) coworkers, wasn't going to stand for it, and got HR to approve an 11% (and $4,000) increase starting this pay period

It's not a copypasta I made it myself and unlike you I've read every study not just the summary on the front. Take some time to educate yourself before asserting such a strong position.

The first study doesn't "assume" anything, that's a straw man. From the actual data that was collected accounting for training, education, hours, and other factors it found that earners are the same. That leaves no room for sexism, do you understand that? It is sexist if a corporation pays a woman with the same qualifcations as a guy less, this study founds that doesn't happen. It is also sexism if a woman with less qualifications than a guy is paid the same, and vice versa as well. Also don't move the flag post, I'm talking about the wage gap. If you want to talk about sexism in the workplace thats fine, however it is accepted fact in the academic community that identical resumes from women and men with the same work results get paid the same.

Im so glad you were able to at least read the title, since it's obvious you didn't take 5 minutes out of your day to read any more than that with the second source. Yes very good it is called "Graduating to a pay gap" A+! Now let's move on to the actual substance and what the study actually says shall we? The AAUW researchers looked at both guys and women graduates one year after graduation. After controlling for several relevant factors (though some were left out, as we shall see), they found that the wage gap narrowed to only 6.6 cents. How much of that is attributable to discrimination? Well the AAUW spokesperson Lisa Maatz candidly said in an NPR interview, "We are still trying to figure that out." Even the feminist literature on the matter (Which I said was my favorite for the record) shows that the wage gap, when controlled for some not all of the factors narrows to only 6 cents per dollar, a far cry from the 77 for every 1 dollar a man makes. The study then goes onto talk about why you need to adjust for factors, such as education, when talking about this issue. For exampe that is important is the "adjusted" wage gap-the figure that controls for all the relevant variables. This is what the new AAUW study explores. Tl;Dr (Which you obviously need) at worst the wage gap is 94 cents for every dollar men make factors are equal.

The third one.... ok I'm just going to get this out of the way now. The pay gap is when a man and woman WITH THE SAME QUALIFICATIONS AND CONTRIBUTE THE SAME TO A COMPANY ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. If two faternal twins, one man one woman, both lived identical lives and worked idenitcally the same at a company and the woman was paid less that is a pay gap and discrimination. However when you account for those factors, such as women on average take lower paying jobs provided they have better benefits, or how women are more likely to take a lesser paying job if means staying close to family, and account for those variables you see the pay gap is a myth. Worst cast scenario? Women make 94 cents per every dollar a man makes, worst case. That still sucks and should be 1$ for every 1$ but the pay gap is not 77cent per every dollar and most econominists on the matter think the pay gap isn't an issue at all. Its a popular saying, nothing more.

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