MRW I realize I've been only having naughty dreams about ladies recently, despite always having thought of myself as straight

I had an epiphany dream, but not sexual, and when I realized what it meant, there was a definite sense of sadness/loss.

I used to have this friendship early twenties with a guy(im a guy too btw, both of us straight).

But I grew up pretty sheltered and without many friends, and I can't describe the type of person/friend he was, but I wanna compare him to Frodo, myself to Sam, without any ring problems though. Lol

Anyways, we went our separate ways at one point.

I dreamed that he was a woman, while I knew he was a man, but I felt so attracted to him (not sexual), that I hugged him so intensely, and kisses him on the cheeks with a lot of love, several times.

It felt incredibly good...

I almost always remember my dreams, and after mauling it over for a while, I came to the conclusion that in the world we live in, when 2 men have a deep friendship and feel deep happines for knowing eachother, the can't show that affection with real hugs and kisses.

And mind you, Im part of the problem too. Because even in that dream i very consciously wonder whether I was gay or not for a second...

I believe that's also the reason I thought he was a girl, or I would've never felt comfortable enough to hug him so

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