MRW I get a text at two in the morning saying my summer vacation is getting cancelled because someone at work decided last minute to switch hers. Our vacation grid has been up for two months. Requests are due TOMORROW.

Unionized nurse here. We split the vacation schedule by shifts and seniority. 2 people can take off per shift, per week. We also make the request grid visible so people can discuss before requests go out what weeks they need - for example, I'm getting married next year but I'm lower priority than half of my shift so I had to let everyone know one of my weeks was my wedding so no one would bump me/I would actually get it off.

Well, the grid has been up for two whole months. You better believe I filled it out the day it was posted. As did most of our staff. I was keeping my eye on the one summer week I requested because my fiance is a teacher so we won't be taking a honeymoon after our wedding since he can't take off. My summer weeks are very limited since he's in a charter school as well.

Anyways, vacation requests are due TOMORROW. I woke up to a text tonight that someone is switching their vacation days as I type this and they're above me on the seniority list & taking my week.

Guess I'm going in tomorrow on my day off to ruin whoever's summer vacation requests are below mine :[ (and there's like ten people below me on the seniority list so this really sucks all around).

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