Mrzili su ga jer je govorio istinu

Mislim da je Srbima problem etnicko ciscenje, sa wikipedije iz tvog linka:

Croatian forces also engaged in ethnic cleansing against Serbs in eastern and western Slavonia and parts of the Krajina region, though on a more restricted scale and Serb victims numbered less than Croat victims of Serb forces.[13] In 1991, 70,000 Serbs were displaced from Croatian territory.[8] By October 1993, the UNHCR estimated that there was a total of 247,000 Croatian and other non-Serbian displaced persons coming from areas under the control of RSK and 254,000 Serbian displaced persons and refugees from the rest of Croatia, an estimated 87,000 of whom were inhabitants of the United Nations Protected Areas (UNPA's).[14]

To je sustina problema sa olujom.

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