Ms. Marvel director Adil El Arbi shares message of support Kevin Feige sent him and Bilall Fallah after Batgirl was canceled.

Feige was 16ish when Keaton's first Batman came out, so seeing him reprise the role was probably something he's looking forward to.

Yep, the first Raimi Spider-Man came out on my 15th birthday and I saw it with a bunch of friends in the theater. I waited a few extra months to watch NWH specifically so I could save it for my 35th birthday.

Seeing Tobey suit up again 20 years later to the day was such a cool way to celebrate. I've heard people talk about movies making them feel like kids again but that was the first time I actually felt it myself.

So I feel horrible for anyone that was looking forward to a similar experience with Keaton's Batman coming back. Talk about having the rug pulled out from under you.

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