Ms. Marvel discusses identity issues facing most arab immigrants

Agreeing with Syrians for once here. Pakistanis have nothing to do with us, they belong in the same group as Indians, Afghanis, and Persians. They're non-arabs and I'm sick and tired of Westerners labeling everything from Morocco to Kashmir as Arab. The loosest definition of Arabs would be north africa and the middle east bar turkey and iran. The strictest definition of arabs would be the Levant and Gulf but most people don't get that specific anymore. However nowhere in this mess are Afghanis and Pakistanis. And I actually believe personally that Pakistanis have more in common with Persians and Afghanis than with Indians, I have a pakistani friend and he doesn't look anything like an Indian nor behave like one, I thought he was Persian when I met him.

Regardless it's a fucking insult to lump together all 3rd world muslim nations as Arab, what a disgrace. I like the idea of the comic, it's good, but I've already spoken to people who think the protagonist is an arab middle easterner just because she's a brown muslim and it irritates me.

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