(mtf) Trans DIY in ireland - need help

I'm doing DIY in Ireland too, I've never had any problems with getting medicine from shesalady.co.uk, I get Casodex and Estrofem from there.

It's worth making an appointment with your GP to try get a blood test, some will do it for you, most wont. If you can't get a blood test it's okay, you don't need one to start DIY, they just help you find the right dose off the bat.

For bica/Casodex, it can take a week or two for it to start working 100%, so if you're going to start with a 50mg dose of bica do 100mg for the first week. Staying on high dosages of bica for a long period of time can cause liver damage, so be careful and look out for the symptoms of it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

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