Why so much hatred on Karnataka/kannada in social media ?

It is relatable on the other side, the tone of your post. A few months back I had posted a fed up / lowkey sad comment in same tone, but about hatred towards outsiders on social media, name calling etc.

But then in real life you don’t really see everyone just ranting around. I have wondered if people around me really think like strangers type on reddit. I did become afraid to speak in hindi in bangalore, so when communicating with auto/cab, I try to say 1-2 main words instead of communicating in full sentences in hindi.


I empathise with you. Ultimately the only way is just stop engaging on region based subreddits for a while. Just be with people you see around and meet in real life. You’ll realise negativity on one issue is only a small part of so many complexities of world. It might not even come up in your own life ever!

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