"Much more intense than Shadowlands, everything you do matters more [...] Most fun I had in a tournament since Wrath of the Lich King, easily" " - Hydra

Try to say anything against Asmon ... you only get downvotes and negative comments. Always like this.

I really would like to know how to get rid of him completely. I tried to watch him but just cannot do it - for various reasons. His voice, way he speaks and acts .. just horrible. And when youtube shoves him to your face all the time, it really grew to the point that I see him and its "Oh not again!".

Just check this - the first post I did was aggressive, I know - I really just get angry anytime I see his face. But everything else - it gets downvoted even if it is civil. This is just how Asmon cult works. You are not allowed to say anything against the guru.

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