So much research.

No - it would be supplying a source. Which I supplied.

You supplied a wall of text with no information about where it came from. Do you know what a source is? Are you actually educated beyond a high school level? I'm starting to think you're just an unemployed electrician or something with too much time on his hands.

check out Israel. They are literally listed as the "model" for vaccine rollout, and have the highest percentage vaccinated population

Given that you don't know what a source is, I'm going to ask you directly to link me to something that says Israel has the highest vaccinated population percentage. I did a quick google and it doesn't appear they're even in the top 10?

the variants and ADE are being driven by the vaccinated

Didn't delta come from India? Where only like 10% of the population are vaccinated?

What countries have experienced ADE? Could you link me to evidence that ADE is happening anywhere with this vaccine?

Science is also not about consensus either

You're right. It's about evidence. I'm still waiting for yours.

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