Much tea was spat, and many rich tea biscuits were dropped after one user on r/askuk says that racism is bad

Yeah I think it’s just some dark humour mixed with people not liking that someone blew all other issues away. I mean rpe and sexual assault doesn’t matter? Minimum wage doesn’t matter? Gangs and drug dealing? People are just pointing it out that it *all should matter. Never read every comment though.

And I agree it’s not the biggest issue, anecdotally I live in a place that’s 97% white and I can count the number of times I’ve experienced racism on one hand, the most times it’s ‘banter’ with racist tones by my own friends as kids who I had to educate. Actual racism where people weren’t thinking it was jokes but were trying to hurt my feelings? Once when I was 7, had no idea what racism was and I was even different, the teachers put an end to that though.

Of course that’s purely anecdotal, but I feel that is most people’s experience is similar, if someone wants to show me the biggest problem in the UK right now I don’t mind learning.

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