‘Muh tolerance’

No need to look for that scenario in the future, it's already happening. I mean, just look at your healthcare. That shit's dystopian.

Honestly, before I even came back to the States I dreaded the notion of needing any kind of healthcare. I was raised in England, and like the natives, took the NHS for granted - it's a fucking developed nation; no citizen should die because they can't afford treatment for a preventable disease, or go into crippling debt for needing healthcare.

I don't know another developed country that is so bad at adopting practices that work elsewhere – mostly because for many the idea that other countries are better at something goes directly against their sense of American exceptionalism and that creates a headache.

Really I think that takes a backseat to sucking plutocratic cock. Of course the fat cats profiting off American healthcare don't want the public to consider a better, universal, healthcare system. The right just gobbles that shit up; potentially saving millions of lives goes out the window when right-wing politicians scaremonger with fantasies of job-stealing Mexicans using your tax dollars for their healthcare!

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