Multiple emergency departments in Toronto are on the verge of collapse tonight. There are no nurses. They are begging people with no nursing training to act as nurses. Care will be compromised. But they won't declare an official emergency (presumably to save face?)

Had to wait on hold with 911 for 7 mins yesterday. They said not to go to the hospital and that ems wasn't needed, essentially because they were asking the leading questions that would give then answer that would deny service and they'd have an RN call us instead. Then we had to wait 2.5 hours for telehealth to call back at which time an RN told us to go immediately to the ER, to call back 911 or drive - we drove. We just got home from the ER after a 6 hour wait despite having our triage level escalated twice.

Emergency was needed, was denied, was still needed, and was administered after the problem was 8 hours exacerbated. Thankfully everything everyone lived - but we are dealing with a fucking crisis and Doug Ford might keep getting elected in but his legacy should be him being run out of the province with pitchforks. Your under of the problem in your comments is full of denial. Don't ask questions if you don't want to believe the answers.

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