Multiple skirmishes breaks out in /r/latestagecapitalism when OP quotea Muhammad Ali to defend Russia's invasion of Ukraine

We try to kick fascists to the curb with extreme prejudice the second we catch a whiff of them. You can often see them coming a mile away because they tend to use rhetoric that is easy to identify.

We don't do the same for tankies. Their rhetoric and our rhetoric are often very similar...right up until they jump the shark. Imo, the issue with this is if we attacked them at the first whiff, we'd be undermining our own discourse. When fully reveal themselves we "no true Scotsman" them. "They're not real leftists." If they're not "real" leftists, that relieves us of an obligation to be introspective. It also makes it very hard to cut them out before they take root.

There is one key difference between fascists and tankies though. Fascist ideology is rotten down to its foundation, while tankies seem to take a turn for the worst further up. They're full garbage but that isn't indicative of an entirely flawed belief system like with fascists

Still though, God knows the left ain't perfect. I believe you should take responsibility for your own. If someone on "my side" fucks up, I'd prefer to think about what it is about my actions/beliefs/discourse that can lead to this. How can we do better? But undermining your own rhetoric and being openly introspective is a weakness a lot on our side believe we can't afford.

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