Mum receives backlash for allowing her 9-year-old son to be a drag queen

Dude, I had no clue what pride or trans was when I was a kid. This isn't a fad, people habe medically transitioned since the 19th century. The first sex reassignment surgeries were preformed in the Weimar German Republic before the Nazi's took power (and sent trans peoplw into the dark ages). People really are happy being trans. I guarantee you I know exponentially more trans people than you ever knew (at least that you were aware of). I know old trans people, young trans people, people that transitioned later in life, those who transitioned in college, those who did it at 10 yrs old. I have never once met a single person who has any regret in transitioning. There is regret in not doing it sooner. There is sadness that families will disown you and people will harass you. There is pain in the world misunderstanding us and hating us and not accepting us. But none of us regret it.

There isn't anything to wait and see. We can wait and see how much happier all of us trans people will be as we become more publicly accepted and more children are given medical treatment before getting fucked by puberty, but there is no impending crisis of trans regret. Also it doesn't really have to make sense to you. It isn't really for you to understand unless you transition of are going to date a trans person. If not, all it takes is to respect us and not harass us. It really isn't a complex process for most people.

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