[Mundo Deportivo]Barca Vice President Rafa Yuste:I don't see Barca signing Haaland next year at the moment

Journalist:If homework is done, would Haaland be a player who can be signed next summer?

Yuste:Between now and next year we will see what the situation is and what we can count on for signings. First you have to put the partitions in a house that we have found in ruins, so let's focus first on fortifying it, first feed the household and then we'll see what we can do, without losing sight of the fact that we always want to have the best players and Haaland. He is one of the best in the world

Journalist : Knowing how the economy is and what Raiola is asking for, with whom they met, does it suit you that this operation can be undertaken?

Yuste:No. The president and the CEO said it, that in the previous term, which I also reiterate that it has been disastrous, they bought players without knowing if they could pay and that all they did was increase the debt, in addition to finding us the mass salary that we have encountered.

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