Munna's given username of "The King of Kanha" checks out.

You call him the ‘King of Kanha’ or The Apex Predator - Munna is the oldest tiger of Kanha National park and the living pride of the park. Renowned for its stripes on the forehead that represents the word ‘CAT’ and ‘PM’ (prime male or prime minister).

Munna is likely to have died this year due to the difficulties of old age.

Now with beginning of year 2019, Munna entered into the age of 17 years. As we all know that tigers have average age of 14 years in wilderness thus Munna tiger has already crossed this age... Till end of year 2018, it was noticed that Munna has developed problem of limping, due to old age which was indication that he was in his last stage of life as he would have to face problem in hunting down its prey and will further weaken due to starvation. His location was traced by park officials till mid of January 2019 and since last 01 month period, he is not traceable.


From the photographer at the time of the photo.

Munna literally owned the meadows of Kanha for many many years. Slightly older and pushed to the periphery he is still going strong. Hope to see him again.

Photo credit: @mithunhphotography

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