Muscular hairless chimp.

Yeah I'm gonna need a source on that buster, because you're chatting out your arsehole.

Muscle are made up of two fibers. Long and short.

Chimps predominantly have short fiber muscle. These fibers are for short burst of high strength explosive power, which is why he's jacked without ever going the gym.

Humans have predominantly long fiber muscles. These muscles are for endurance and therefore appear smaller as they work more efficiently.

Historically humans where an endurance based predator, everypart of our design is to aid us in endurance vs other animals. Our lack of fur, ability to sweat, springboard feet, our body's movement etc all aided us in endurance. We literally chased animals down until they gave up due to exhaustion. Pretty terrifying.

Your whole comment was just idiotic. Just look at any unmolested tribe, they're not jacked bodybuilders are they, yet they're not using all this "black shit in the ground to do work for them"

They're built slim, lithe and athletic because that is how our natural body is meant to be. Which contrast this Chimps natural body. We're different animals.

3000 years ago was the bronze age . So no, a few thousands years ago we where not roided up super jacked humans flexing about.

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