So Music, what you music transtimeline, probably just want to chat

My first CD was probably like Now 78 or some shit. I remember adoring Justin Timberlake. My first real CD was American Idiot by Greenday, and I fucking loved it. It was a gift from my aunt, and it was my first introduction to the world of music outside of the radio.

For a long time I didn't graduate into much else, but I slowly got into Linkin Park, Metallica's new stuff, and, occasionally, older metal stuff, along the lines of Iron Maiden or Thin Lizzy.

Around the age of fifteen I started getting polar tastes- I liked really heavy metal, the less vocals the better, and I liked really pop-punk/emo stuff. There was no in-between. I probably liked Evanescence best of all, because I was a depressive validation-seeking shit, but I still enjoyed Greenday's older stuff, and I got into some Warped Tour-esque stuff. Looking back, I'm not sure whether I liked it, or whether I liked the attitudes I associated with it, but whatever. Later I got super into Marilyn Manson, and some associated bands, because I really started to enjoy their attitude- it was like the freedom of Eminem, but less sexist, less asshole-y, and more personally empowered. At the same time I got on a major oldies streak, and listened to the popular songs of older bands- Radiohead, The Beatles, on and on.

I got bored of that after a while and listened exclusively to spoken word for a while. That was when I came out to myself and my friends, a lot of it is queer-centric, and it opened a new world in my eyes, I couldn't believe such wonderful people existed in such numbers.

Moving on from that, I had a much bigger appreciation for proper metaphor and "artsy" music. I'm still into Silver Mt. Zion, Dream Theater, GY!BE, The Dresden Dolls (yayyy another fan! :D ), and more, because of that. The heavy nature of listening to that, though, gave me a craving for easy listening, so I do appreciate my easy-listening feel-good bad-pop now, I listen to Swift, Marina and the Diamonds, and some other pop bands of varying pop/girliness.

Of late I've been really enjoying the energy and ethos of hard punk music, though, along with some lighter punk. Just today I found a band called Broken, who are like a mix of pop-punk and grunge, I guess? Their older stuff is much heavier, and also awesome. If anyone's interested, I'll post a link to their bandcamp, it's got a few free downloads.

So nowadays I've got a weird taste that's some mix of everything above, and which mostly varys due to my mood. I listen to poppy stuff when feeling down, punk to feel good, metal when I'm energetic, grunge/oldy when I'm in the mood for a long listen, artsy and prog when I'm in the mood for something melancholy and tear-jerking, etc. etc.

So I like a lot of the bands you posted- The D Dolls, MM, Avril Lavigne, LP, Emilie Autumn (rarely), D. Bowie, Nightwish!!! (check out Epica, if you haven't already. They have a similar "grand" sound, but are a little more metal and less symphonic. Clean vocals though! Design Your Universe is a great starting place)... but fuck Amanda Palmer's solo stuff :P

There's so many people I've neglected to mention that I feel bad about though! Keaton Henson, Andrea Gibson, John Butler, Biffy Clyro, Dead Kennedys, Cocorosie, and soo many more are all worth their weight in gold, honestly.

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