Musings on Cabot Links/Cabot Cliffs and Airports

Oh, boo hoo! The poor golfers have to drive longer! Do you know how entitled you sound? Actual Nova Scotians are dying because they cannot access medical care. Absolutely nobody here gives a god damn about the time executives spend, nor their money, at their exclusive golf club. I am telling you this, if you want Nova Scotian's sympathy, you are not going to get it.

Nobody wants to go to Sydney, and the airport in PHK services Cabot 99.9%. Shut it down and move it, the difference to private jet owners is time worth $30K. With 800 landings a year, that is $24M is wasted jet expense plus wasted executive time.

Let me tell you, this comes off so entitled there's no bar for it. Seriously. Why do you think poor Nova Scotians, those who can't even access necessary health services, want your airport? Tell me.

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