Musk seeking funds from Chinese banks

"Did you really take this that seriously?"

Actually to be honest... no... I didn't take you very seriously!


to be frank, I think it's delusional to think that Elon is involved in some sort of a great conspiracy to destroy NASA. Quite the opposite: Elon depends HEAVILY on NASA's goodwill and support, just as many other aerospace companies do as well.

The aerospace companies want to stay on NASA's good side!

As for me clicking the link you provided... nope: I didn't click it, nor do I plan to!

So I have no idea what that link is all about. I have a pretty strong feeling it's probably not something I would really want to spend my valuable free time watching...

I don't think you and would like the same videos, what-so-ever!

As for Elon planning to act as a spy on behalf of Russia or China, and sell them secrets of the rocket...

Well... that's clearly just one of your classic conspiracy theories... and those who adhere to conspiracy theories like that are impossible to reason with.

If a company's leader ever did something like that, it would be a pretty instant lifetime in jail ticket for him/her, for treason.

Also on some of the other points you've made...

you do realize there are MANY US launches per year of rockets that are NOT built nor controlled by SpaceX in anyway, such as ULA controlled launches.

But SpaceX will continue to get an increasing share of those launches thanks to the unprecedented innovation by SpaceX which has dramatically lowered the cost of launches.

So rather than limiting the rocket launch options, SpaceX is increasing the choices that NASA and the Air Force have.


NASA and the Air Force do not care all that much who launches their payloads, just as long as it is cheap and reliable.

The cheaper the better!

Further don't forget:

Very soon, there will also be another rocket launcher at NASA, namely Blue Origin. NASA has given Blue Origin land to build a large new facility to manage their own launches.

And there will also be other companies.

So options and choices of launch vehicles are EXPANDING, not contracting as you argued.


I fear that in your mind, you have taken this great MOMENT in aerospace and human history, in which unprecedented and incredible innovations have been made by SpaceX engineers...

innovations that are on the threshold of finally opening up cheap and regular access to space...

and your mind is now twisting and warping this great achievement 180 degrees, and framing it into something evil and bad, rather then the great achievement it is.

Not to mention that you are also purposely distorting facts in your arguments, to fit your twisted view point and conspiracy theories.

So... to be honest, unfortunately iamwalri17... I'm really sorry...

but I won't be able to spend any more time reading more of your comments and arguments, and debating it with you, or clicking on your links on this topic.

So I don't think you and I would ever agree on this.


we don't have to agree...

because it will become highly obvious in the next couple of years, as SpaceX, Blue Origin, and others begin launching heavy traffic into space... that this is an important turning point in human history, and not some sort of evil conspiracy as your mind perceives it to be.

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