Muslim community worker reported Salman Abedi to police five years ago

This is the problem. There's no need to insult people. Just because they don't believe what you believe in doesn't make them a heartless bastard. They have thoughts and beliefs just like you do, and just because they're different from yours doesn't make them a "bastard". Red/conservative (usually) just happen to grow up independent of one another, typically in more spread out areas. Every man for themselves/man up/survival of the fittest. Blue/liberal just happen to be born into city life. Everyone is part of a bigger picture, and if everyone pools their resources... the whole can be made greater. But everyone wants to attack one another instead of figuring out a common ground. Nothing is ever gonna change because we argue amongst ourselves like children while we elect people to go collect a pension and the more we argue, the better it is for them

We're trying to fit square pegs into round holes anyways... we're never gonna agree with each other as a country. There has to be a better alternative to the two party system. I just... idfk... we all stop this shit. The rural/red don't want their tax dollars going to "big city junkies"... but... they get more benefits from those millions of people living in that big city than they ever would by just being a closed system, with then just living off the taxes collected from the 5k people living in that small town.

I'm so... done with how this country operates. But anyways... the person you responded to isn't just some dickhead who doesn't agree with you. They're American. They have a basis for what they think. I wish we could have a giant town hall meeting where we could hash this shit out

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