Muslim Immigrants To Sweden Make Up 5% Of the Population But 77% Of The Criminals

I wrote a line by line discussion of this article and lost it in a browser crash.

Let me just say this:

  1. This article provides no sources
  2. There is a debate on how many practicing muslims are in Sweden.
  3. Sweden does publish statistics on ethnicity
  4. After an hour of Googling, every article that claims this 77% statistics refers to this website. Yes, that is a Wordpress blog calling itself "The Muslim Issue" It publishes such insightful articles as:

    SIX crewless cargo vessels full of Muslims have arrived onto Italian coast in the last month

    Absolutely disgusting and infuriating apathy by the Europeans in dealing with this problem,

Ok, a bit strong language here...but Europe itself has been criticizing itself on the lack response to immigrants arriving via boats in Italy.

enabling a very easy channel for Isis to export terrorists to all across the EU. They should be shot at sea if they don’t turn around.

Oh...Shot? All 150,000 of them that arrived in 2014 alone? (See previous bbc link for source)

SIX cargo vessels full of Muslims, valued at around $50-80 million each, make one-way trips to reach European shores and they are greeted with blankets and a warm cup of tea! This is a sick joke.

I'm just going to skip past the dehumanizing language making it look like Muslims herded themselves on cargo vessels like cattle and put a price tag on the outside that says "for sale, $50 million". Obviously the rational response is to shoot them on sight.

If we're going to believe this article, let's all also believe that Jews control the world, that black people are stupid and lazy, and that southern US has no colleges.

Come on people.

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