Muslim walks out of Sky News interview

I did say hundreds of millions, which is accurate. I;m sure there's also hundreds of millions that are considered moderates who don't want to blow all non-muslims up. But then again, that might be too generous because Muslims are extremely, death-warrantingly fucked up.

If you knew anything at all about the muslim doctrine -- which you clearly do not -- you'd agree with me. But yes, you are being PC for argument's sake, which is why horrible ideas like Muslim beliefs continue to propagate.

Here's a list I pulled off /r/atheism:

For both genders Music with Instruments. Un-Islamic decor (Statues) Toys (anything resembling a living thing) Drawing and Art for anything that resembles a human. Eating pork and monkeys (because they're related to Jews) Drinking Alcohol Gambling Adoption in any form Playing dice or anything that depends on luck as it goes against Allah's predetermined fate. Playing anything that results in winning a cash prize. Interest in debt (only interest free is allowed) Reading and Writing anything that goes outside the realm of Islam (no high fantasy where they pray to gods other than Allah, for example) Poetry. Owning pets other than Cats. (this is because one of Muhammad's friends had cats he was called Abu Hurayra , Father of kittens) Dancing. Non Islamic culture (Wearing jeans and t-shirts; Casual stuff) Counter-Culture/Sub-Culture (Punk, Metal, Goth...etc) Tattoos Eating or washing with your left hand. Imitating Non Muslims (Plucking eyebrows and 'beautifying' self) Working with non Muslims in restaurants, casinos, temples, banks, courts, bars, and music venues. Befriending Non Muslims and calling them "Brothers" and "Sisters" all companionship with Non Muslims should be professional only Premarital relationships. Making friends with the other gender. Gender Equality Talking to other genders before marriage. Showing affection in public. Staring or looking directly at the opposite gender. Masturbating Not praying five times a day. Not washing self (Wu'Du) before praying or reading the quran Homosexuality, or talking with people who are homosexual. Leaving the religion, or talking with people who left it. Talking with people outside of the Abrahamic religions Marrying a slave man/woman that you own. Marrying your step sister/brother if she/he breast feed from the same mother --If she/he didn't it is okay to marry your step sister/brother-- Slaughtering an animal without saying 'Bismillah' Stunning the Animal before slitting it's throat Eating said animal (non halal food) For Men (Men) Wearing Gold jewelry (Men) Piercings (Men) Marrying more than four wives (Men) Marrying your birth mother, your grandmother, your daughter, and your granddaughter. (Everyone else is okay, EX Marrying your cousin, your step mother after father died, your mother in law and your grand-grand daughter is okay) (Men) Wearing shorts that show the knees. (Men) Shaving body hair (Men) Wearing perfume (they use something called Oud/Agarwood, it is incense) (Men) Shaving beard lower than 1/2 cm. (Men) Having a long Mustache. For Women (Women) Showing hair or skin in public. (Women) Talking louder than a man. (Women) Talking to another man, other than husband. (Women) Refusing sex when asked to by her husband. (Women) Going outside without the consent of her husband. (Women) Wearing Jewelry in public. (Women) Wearing Makeup in public. (Women) Wearing Perfume in public. (Women) Arguing with your husband. (Women) Arguing with your husband's other wives. (Women) Denying to marry a man, if you're not a widow or ex wife. (Women) Marrying another man other than husband. (Women) Marrying a man 6 months after breakup with ex husband. (Women) Divorcing a man. (only he's the one who's allowed to do that) (Women) Accuse a man of rape without 4 male witnesses or 8 female witnesses of the actual rape. (Women) Marrying a Non Muslim man (Women) Having body hair and imitating men (Women) Lifting her hand against her husband --Even if he's beating her senseless-- (Women) Make wedding arrangements. (Women) Praying with men. (Women) Being in the company of other men. (Women) Sitting in the living room with the husband and his friends. (Women) Eating with the husband and his friends. (Women) Refuse to cook food. (Women) Work outside the house without a guardian. (Women) Be working in a company of other men outside the house. (Women) Leave the room without permission. (Women) Question the husband critically. (Women) Becoming the "woman of the house" after her husband passed away (Women) Becoming a father-figure of a fatherless son (he becomes like her husband, he makes the rules) And most importantly writing something like this post. Blasphemy is death.

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