Muslim Woman Made Up Hate Crime on Subway, Police Say

Man... yeah, hate crimes do happen. legit hate crimes against all sorts people perpetrated by assholes worldwide.

Now let's put that aside for now. I don't think she really cares about hate and discrimination and that kinda shit especially in this instance.

I think her real goal was to get attention. I bet she wanted to go viral on social media and be hailed as a hero. someone who is so virtuous and brave because she stood up against hate while being a non-white muslim female which means she has no privilege and the rest of the racist society does.

Hoe probably wanted to get invited to the ellen show and get patted on the back and be invited to colleges to speak about being brown and shit and how the system wants to crush her.

LMAO get outta here ho. Nobody gives THAT much of a shit to go around harming brown muslim people all the time. Bitch had to make shit up just to get the media to eat her pussy out. She went FULL JUSSIE SMOLETT. Dude went from being an actor who happened to be gay, all the way to full on faggotry mode in a matter of days.

These people be trippin'. and this is coming from me, a brown dude with a muslim sounding name who's always on the prowl for a hot tranny with a long dick. Fuck outta here man. These people are pathetic.

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