Why do Muslims forbid any and all images of the Prophet Muhammed?

I grew up Muslim and the way it was explained to me that the main difference between Islam and Christianity is that we view all the prophets (Jesus, Moses, Mohammed etc.) as regular men who are just conduits for Gods message whereas Christians view Jesus as God (might be wrong feel free to correct me). So to avoid any worship of prophets they can’t be depicted. This also stems from the dominant religion in the Arabian peninsula being pagan idol worship so there’s sensitivity around it. Basically don’t depict Mohammed or any prophet to prevent them becoming worshipped instead of or alongside God. Of course dumbasses take that to the extreme and think that logic should be imposed on everyone. In my mind the worst kickback anyone should face if depicting or mocking a prophet or religion if it really offends you should be “oh damn maybe I won’t hang out with you in the future” not physically attacking them. I’m not religious now so if I’m wrong I’d be interested to hear other perspectives.

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