Muslims of Reddit - in your opinion, what, if anything, should we be doing to combat these acts of terrorism that keep hitting the front page perpetrated by people who claim allegiance to Islam?

Muslim here. A couple of things which I have to say. It's become so prevalent now that it's our "religious duty" to bring Sharia law and kill non-believers blah blah blah which is COMPLETELY FALSE. Here's why:

  1. It's in our religious scriptures that when you live in another country you have to abide by its rules and laws and assimilate into their society. Therefore the entire thing about Muslims trying to create an Islamic state in Western countries is bullshit.

  2. The ex-Muslims and current Muslims whose family members support this kind of shit; I'm sorry but this is a problem with your mental/fucked up family members and friends. Their lack of empathy and disregard for human life is because they are inbred cunts not because they learned to believe in that shit from Islam. I doubt they know anything about Islam if they actually feel "happy" when this shit happens. My mom is very devout and she is utterly horrified everytime something like this happens.

  3. Our prophet was a warmongering hateful pedophile? When he started preaching he went to a city where they stoned him until he was covered in blood. He prayed for them when he went back he didn't go and kill them all or something lmao. The pedophile thing? You need to realize this was 1400 years ago. There were different customs and norms at that time. The reason he married the girl was because she was the daughter of one of his closest companions who passed away and she had no family and at that time if she had been alone with all the political and other bs going on she would most definitely have been in deep trouble. The filth you hear/read about online is fake. Simple as that. Secondly there is absolutely no proof that he and her consummated. They had no children.Do you really think a man who is preaching a religion to so many people would delge information about his sex-life to everybody?

  4. Trust me when I tell you the majority of Islamic websites you visit are propaganda fake hate-filled shit. The verses/Hadith they have are grossly grossly taken out of context or in the majority of terms are completely made up.

  5. I'm a 24 year old guy. I'm studying for my medical boards. I like pizza, Halo, Runescape, Barcelona, Miami Heat, motorcycles (specifically the xsm900 by Yamaha), tortillas and salsa, I love meeting new people, sports, the outdoors, hiking, driving, eating, praying, giving duas for Muslims and nonmuslims alike. I feel terrible when I accidentally kill a bug. The few mice I've caught in my house I've put cheese and some other food for them in a lil bag before I release them into the wild. I'm nice to everyone regardless of their age, sex, interests, sexual orientation, race ANYTHING. This is true for the almost complete majority of Muslims. The .5% of the fucktards who do this shit are frankly not Muslim. I know this is a cliche line but it's true. They will be damned to hell for bastardizing the name of Islam and Muslims and killing innocents.

And you guys think we are hell bent on killing you and we are bloodthirsty barbarians. It's sad. You're judging all of us from the actions of literally a minuscule percentage. The ones who are power hungry and have ulterior motives in this shit not their quest for "establishing true Islam" as Fox News will have you believe.

I hope that opens up your eyes a bit. Now I'm going back to studying fucking Pathology and I'll play some Halo later tonight after my night prayer.

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